Your windshield got under hail? Here is what you need to do now

car parked outdoors on rainy day with hail

Summer storms can be fascinatingly beautiful, and romantic, but every car owner knows that with great beauty may come really serious problems. Hail damage is one of the main reasons people address Auto Glass shops after one of those magnificent acts of nature.

Here is what you need to do if your vehicle got under hail and how to prevent hail damage to your windshield and problems it can lead to in the future.

How bad can hail damage the windshield?

We are used to thinking about a windshield as a sturdy protective barrier that ensures our safety on the way. That is why many people don`t realize how fragile it can be sometimes and how easily the smallest chip can develop into a serious problem on the auto glass.

However, if you have ever gotten under the hail yourself and know how the tinies ice ball can sting your skin, it will be easier to understand how dangerous hail can be for your vehicle and especially the auto glass.

Of course, hail`s damaging potential depends on many factors from the initial condition of your windshield at the moment to the size of ice balls. Therefore, you may get out of hail will any sort of damage from tiny chips that don`t look like a big deal to an entirely smashed windshield.

And while the latter case is probably a no-brainer, and you will head to an auto glass shop right away, many people are not that sure when it comes to minor insignificant damage.

The truth is, even the smallest crack or dingle on a windshield has the peculiarity to grow and develop into a big and potentially costly problem faster than you can imagine. Vibration on the move, temperature swings, direct sunlight, and UV ray as well as elements are the inevitable factors that contribute to further damage. And in most cases the moment you actually pay attention to some crack and realize that it prevents you from concentrating on the road and driving safely, may already be too late as the windshield needs full repair.

That is why no matter how serious the damage to the auto glass seems after a hail, it is best to address professional expertise and do all the necessary repairs as soon as possible.

And while most car owners think that insurance will only take care of the damage that happened due to an accident, there is a big chance that your premiums protect you against the massive bills if you need to repair or replace the windshield after a hail.

That said – here are the 5 initial steps to do if your car got under hail and you suspect there could be some damage to the auto glass:

Here at Auto Glass Depot, we value all our customers and their time. We also understand how important it is to keep the windshield in perfect condition and repair any sort of damage before it starts threatening your safe driving. That is why we offer a wide range of auto glass repair and replacement services done by highly-trained professionals using OEM parts and certified products and technologies.

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