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Auto glass is commonly damaged, often from stones flying up off the road. Damaged glass, especially the windshield will compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle so it is very important to have it repaired as quickly as possible. A good repair job, using our strong and efficient resin will prevent the damage from spreading and ensure your vehicle’s safety. Auto Glass Depot is known for top quality workmanship. You can always rely on us to get the job done with a great amount of care. With our advanced stone chip repair technology, we can have your damaged auto glass looking like new in very little time. We guarantee the best work at very reasonable prices.

The Process

Auto Glass Depot has an amazing team of highly qualified and trained technicians. Our technicians will assess the damage to see if a replacement will be required or if a repair can be successfully done. If determined a repair is possible, we will shrink the crack down to the size of a hardly noticeable chip.
When to replace your windshield

Estimates with Integrity

You can always count on us to give the most affordable, and honest prices as we never push for a full auto glass replacement if it can be avoided.

When To Repair Vs When to Replace

Auto Glass Depot will complete a full assessment before ruling out having the damage repaired. Our technicians will always try their best to repair before opting for a replacement unless the damage is simply too much. In most cases, a repair can be done as long as the chip or crack is no more than the size of a Toonie. Our resin chip repair technology will not only have your auto glass looking blemish free but will also keep further damage from occurring.

There are a number of benefits of having your auto glass repaired instead of replaced listed below:

Cost Saving

Having your current auto glass chip repaired is far more cheaper than having to replace the entire windshield. Auto Glass Depot covers up up to 100% of your insurance deductible to ensure that you are paying the least amount from your own pocket!

Mobile Service

Auto Glass Depot has fully certified & licensed technicians with over 15 years experience in the auto glass industry. The convenience about us is we will come to you for no extra cost repairing your auto glass stone chip at the comfort of your own home or work. Same day service!

Improve Your Safety

Cracks will spread over time but having your auto glass stone chip repaired will prevent this. Auto Glass Depot can recover your stone chip to its previous strength by ensuring your vehicles safety, and get you back on the road in no time!

Did You Know?

Our Auto Glass Depot experts and highly trained professionals use top of the line OEM products allowing us to have your auto glass stone chip repair completed within half an hour! This is much faster than having your auto glass fully replaced. Mobile service guaranteed!


We offer Same-day mobile auto glass service for all vehicles across the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area !
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