Signs You Need A New Windshield

The windshield is an important safety feature in your vehicle. Bugs, flying debris, wind, and rain would impair your driving experience if you didn’t have it. However, there will come a time when your windshield will be damaged and you will have to decide whether to repair or replace it. Often accidents like a car crash or flying debris could damage the windshield, leaving a crack or chip. Of all the exterior elements of your car, the windshield is the most delicate. While it’s sturdy enough to protect you from exterior elements, several factors could lead to its damage. Excessive pressure or extreme temperature can weaken the glass, resulting in lowering the efficiency of the windshield.

When a windshield gets damaged, there are two options- repair or replacement. You may think that replacing the entire glass is the only option because once the glass is chipped or cracked, it can’t be repaired. But this isn’t true. Skilled windshield professionals can proficiently repair minor chips and cracks to restore the functionality of your car’s windshield.

When You Need a New Windshield?

Similar to other exterior components of a car, the windshield also wears down and deteriorates over time, eventually needing to be replaced. A windshield’s lifespan varies based on factors such as how it was built or fitted, how frequently it has been repaired, and whether or not its owner is fastidious about cleaning dirt from their windshield. Here are some indicators that your old windshield needs to be replaced.

  1. Cracks & Chips

You may take measures to prevent damage, but certain events like a flying rock hitting the glass or a sudden car accident can be unavoidable. In such an event, your car will need windshield replacement. When you notice cracks or chips in the windshield glass, you know it’s time for a new windshield. These are typically caused by high-speed flying debris striking your windshield. Depending on the degree of the impact, your windshield could completely shatter crack, or chip. Some minor chips can be repaired. However, if they are large enough or spread across the surface of the windshield, it will be necessary to install a new windshield.

  1. White Haze at Edges

A windshield consists of a thin film of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) which prevents the glass from shattering into pieces following an impact. Any flying object that lands on your car harms the outer layer. The exterior glass absorbs the majority of the impact during a collision. If the accident is severe, the PVB layer prevents the glass from shattering into fragments, which could cause more damage. The PVB layer gets worn out over time and separates from the glass. When this happens, you’ll see a white haze around the edges of the windshield, indicating that it needs to be replaced right away.

  1. Loose-Fitting Glass

If there are scratches on your windshield, a part of the windshield is missing, it’s not properly repaired, or a vehicle safety inspection is coming up, it’s best to get the windshield checked and fixed. You need to periodically inspect the windshield for any imperfections or bumps in the glass. A whistling sound or wind noise seeping inside often indicates a poorly fitted glass.


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