Going on a road trip? Here is how to protect your auto glass.

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The vacation season is right around the corner. Soon you will probably load your car and head across the country to visit your family, take kids camping, or explore local landmarks.

It is essential to prepare your vehicle thoroughly for such an adventure. You don`t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and experience the “thrill” of one of Hollywood`s cliché horror movie scenarios.

Your windshield and its integrity are among the key safety elements of your driving. Unfortunately, it can get damaged easily, especially if you go off-road on your trip.

Therefore, we have created a list of things that will help you protect your auto glass from damage on the road and advice on what to do if you suddenly notice a crack on your windshield while driving.

Park in shady or covered places

The heat from the sun and UV rays are among the main damaging factors for auto glass. They will weaken the windshield itself making it more vulnerable to damage or make the existing cracks and chips expand into severe damage much faster.

To avoid it, make sure to park your car in a shady area or covered parking spot at all times.

Don`t slam the doors

Pressure, shock, and vibration are the main reasons why damage may appear along the edges of your windshield and grow all across it, often leading to a full windshield replacement. To avoid it, develop a habit of closing the door carefully without the dramatic slam.

Clean or replace the wipers.

Keeping the windshield clear during the rain, and removing dead bugs and other contamination from the driver`s sightline, wipers are crucial for your safety on the road.

When you the vehicle for another road trip, make sure to inspect the wipers. Sometimes it may be enough to just clean them thoroughly. However, if you notice visible signs of wear and tear or some sort of damage, it is better to replace the vipers as in this case they may start damaging the windshield instead of keeping it clear.

Choose the cleaning product carefully.

Choosing a cleaning liquid for your auto glass, it is best to prefer ammonia-free products. Ammonia-based cleaners often damage the tint of a windshield and can cause serious damage to the auto glass. You may ask a professional which cleanser he recommends for your windshield the next time you visit the shop for routine check-ups or repairs.

Keep your distance

Tailgating is not only annoying for the driver in front of you and can easily lead to an accident once they suddenly hit the brakes, but it can also be dangerous for your car`s front glass.

Pebbles and other small objects that may fly from under the wheels of the car in front of you are more likely to hit your windshield and cause damage if you don`t keep your distance.

Sticking to the good old “3-second rule” will not only make your driving much safer but will protect your auto glass on the road.

Whether you notice damage on your windshield when you prepare the car for a road trip or when you are already traveling, it is best to address professional consultation and repair services as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is very hard to say from just the looks of a crack how dangerous it is and how fast it may grow into severe damage that can get you in trouble.

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