How to choose the best place for windshield repairs?

It is hard to overrate the importance of glass for your vehicle`s safety and comfort. Not only it protects you from road dust, insects and precipitation, but modern auto glass is a complicated and multifunctional part of any vehicle that keeps driver and passengers safe and sound under the most complicated road conditions.

That is why it is so important to take care of your auto glass and mirrors and address professional services whenever they get damaged.

But how do you choose the best auto glass repair shop when there are so many of them today, and each promises the best service in town? In fact, you don`t have to be a professional or super-experienced driver to determine which car service will fit you best and take good care of your “iron horse.”

They use OEM Auto Glass.

The first thing you need to notice is whether the auto glass shop offers OEM glass or claims that the after-market materials are just as good, and you have nothing to worry about.

There is nothing bad in services that use After-Market glass as long as they guarantee that the materials correspond to or even exceed the relevant safety standards.

The best auto glass shops will provide both options and consult you thoroughly about the benefits and possible disadvantages of each to help you make a truly informed decision.

They inspect the auto glass thoroughly before installation

Even if the auto glass shop uses the OEM parts exclusively, it does not mean that they receive them directly from the manufacturer without any additional logistic stages and risks that they may carry.

In other words, every car part goes through numerous hands and storage facilities before it reaches your auto glass shop. The best service provider will inspect each piece thoroughly and prefer to waste some time sending a damaged piece back than installing it on your car.

It is not a “one-man orchestra.”

Auto glass repair and replacement is a procedure that requires experience, qualification as well as precision. There is no place for mistakes and manoeuvring when you are replacing a windshield.

That is why such services require what is called “the second factor” – simultaneous work of two professionals who will do the job from the first attempt, constantly supervising each other, making sure that no crucial step is skipped and no detail is missing.

They are willing to talk.

Many people tend to get intimidated by mechanics and auto repair professionals and prefer to rely on their experience, hoping for the best instead of asking questions and requiring a thorough explanation of every stage and every service done to the vehicle.

The best auto repair shop will create a customer-oriented atmosphere where you will be fully informed about the current state of your vehicle, the order, and the necessity of every service, timeframe, and option that you have.

Remember, you trust your vehicle to these people and pay for their services; therefore, you have a right to know what, how, and why is done to your windshield, mirrors, and other auto glass.

They offer a lifetime warranty and explain its terms and conditions.

Nothing tells about the confidence and professionalism of an auto glass repair shop better than a lifetime warranty on auto glass replacement. However, the best auto glass shop will not only promise you such an extended warranty for their services but also explain its terms and conditions thoroughly, describe in writing what exactly it covers and under which circumstanced lifetime warranty can be withdrawn.

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