How do I make my windshield look like new again?

A clean windshield is essential for your safety while driving. Chips, cracks, dust, and stains are not only extremely annoying and anaesthetic, but they can compromise visibility and become a reason for a terrible car accident, even on an empty road.

In this article, we shall talk about how you can easily clean your windshield and take care of it, rejuvenate auto glass that may have seen better days and make sure that your driving will remain safe and comfortable no matter what the weather brings upon your windshield.

 1 – Dish Soap and Warm Water

Dish soap can do miracles to your windshield. It is because this product is designed to be merciless towards grease – the main reason your glass looks so dull and seems impossible to clean thoroughly.

Washing the windshield with dish soap and warm water solutions can also solve the fogging problem. A dirty windshield covered with fingerprints, invisible smoke, and chemical residue is a perfect surface for moisture condensation and fogging. Nothing removes those contaminants better than dish soap.

Just remember, soap can leave nasty strikes on glass if not washed off thoroughly. Make sure the glass is clean and check it in different lighting to ensure that new stains won`t suddenly appear from nowhere.

 2 – Special Auto Glass cleaners

Many people use regular glass cleaners to remove stains and dirt from their windshields. However, it is not always a good idea. Some of those liquids have a pretty strong odor that wares off quickly when you use them in the house but may become a real problem and even cause headaches in a small closed space of a car salon.

Another problem is that these products are hardly designed to deal with severe contaminants like road dust, dead bugs, bird droppings, etc.

It is always best to address your local auto glass repair shop for advice about the best cleaning solution that will help you keep your windshield as good as new for many years.

3 – Clean the wipers regularly!

Many people put a lot of energy into cleaning their windshields but forget about the wipers entirely. At the same time, these wipers are supposed to keep the glass clean and remove the contaminants quickly and safely.

Cleaning your windshield next time, make sure to remove the wipers, wash them thoroughly and wipe with alcohol. It will help to remove the dirt and grease built up and help to keep the glass clean all year round.

By the way, wipers should be replaced entirely at least once a year.

 4 – Don`t let the dirt dry out!

Sometimes we don`t notice such unpleasant dirt and stains like dead bugs and bird droppings until they dry out. Sometimes we prefer to ignore them, especially if they don`t seem to affect the visibility.

However, such stains can be very dangerous for the windshield and may contain chemicals that can lead to permanent damage under extreme temperatures and other factors. Make sure to remove such contaminants as soon as you notice them.

 5 – Consult a professional.

When you notice a stain, damage, chip, or mark that doesn`t seem to go away even after a thorough cleaning, make sure to address professional advice. Those may be permanent damage that can develop into a severe safety issue once not treated on time. In the worst-case scenario, you may have to replace the glass entirely.

You can come over to the Auto Glass Depot shop or order our 27/7 mobile repair services and enjoy the high-quality work expertise of professionals, thorough consultation, and advice on the windshield maintenance methods and products that suit your vehicle best.

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