Can I get a lifetime warranty on my auto glass replacements?

Here is how the auto glass replacement warranties work

Back in the day, auto glass replacement was very different from what the service involves today. Mainly because back then, auto glass was… just glass. Yes, it has performed essential safety functions, protecting drivers, passengers, and the car salon from precipitation, dirt, and all the objects that could fly towards them on the road, etc.

But today’s windshields are much more complicated, made according to advanced technologies, and above everything else, may be connected with various detectors, heating elements, and other systems that make your driving most safe and comfortable.

No wonder the standards and demands towards auto glass replacement services are much higher today. Above everything else, they need to come with a written warranty.

Here at Auto Glass Depot, we provide a lifetime warranty on the workmanship as well as the windshield itself when we offer auto glass replacement service. However, every customer must understand how the warranties for auto glass replacement and repair services work, what they cover, and what exactly a shop means when they say that they provide a warranty for any of its services.

Auto glass replacement warranties.

To understand how the warranties for auto glass replacement work, it is essential to understand what kind of service we are talking about and who provides it.

First, you need to make sure that the shop you chose is using either OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or an Aftermarket auto glass that still complies with all the relevant safety standards. In the best-case scenario, you will be able to choose between the two options after a thorough consultation with the mechanic.

The warranty or auto glass replacement may vary from 90 days to a lifetime.

If you choose a shop that promises a lifetime warranty for the auto glass replacement services, you should remember that it should cover both the glass itself as well as the installation. In other words, the warranty comes into action when new cracks, chips, or any other damage appears due to a manufacturer’s defect, or you notice water or wind leaks or cracks resulting from poor workmanship.

However, lifetime warranties also have some limitations. For example, it will not apply if the glass is damaged again in another accident.

The structure of your vehicle, as well as its condition at the moment when the auto glass is being replaced, may also affect the warranty and its coverage. For example, if there is rust on the frame around the glass that is being replaced, it can cause leaks and even damage the glass itself. In this case, a mechanic will probably offer you different solutions and additional services that will reinforce and adjust the frame and allow you to install the glass safely. Suppose it is impossible to fix those issues for some reason or a client refuse to consider the additional service. In that case, the shop may not be able to perform any warranty at all, leave alone the lifetime variant.

What to look at when you pick up your car after glass replacement services.

To ensure that you will be able to enjoy the lifetime auto glass replacement warranty, it is essential to pay close attention to the condition of your vehicle before you drive out of the shop.

Here are the things to look at:

Promises of extended or even lifetime warranty always attract customers. That is why shops and other service providers often use them in their ads and websites. However, you must understand precisely the terms and conditions of any warranty as well as the value and meaning of any service you are offered.

Contact Auto Glass Depot for more information about qualified auto glass repair and replacement services, our warranties, and 24/7 mobile services. Make sure your vehicle is in the safe hands of professionals.


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