Common Signs Your Car’s Windshield Needs Replacement

Glazier using tools repairing to fix crack broken windshield on the front window glass of the machine car accident.

If you’re lucky enough, your car’s windshield may last as long as your car does. However, most car owners encounter several issues that damage the windshield. The most common reason is an accident that could crack the glass. Even if you’re a vigilant driver, sometimes a rock from the road could strike the glass, resulting in chipping the windshield. No matter how your windshield gets damaged, it becomes crucial to replace it. Some damages can be repaired but often replacement is the only solution. Whether your windshield needs repair or replacement largely depends on factors like the size, location, size, and thickness of the fissure. Small and shallow chips of less than 40mm in diameter can be repaired. But if there are bigger chips or more than two chips, replacement is the right choice.

Your car’s windshield keeps you safe by shielding you against environmental elements like wind, debris, rain, and storms. When it gets cracked or chipped, you may still get an outside view and protection from exterior elements. However, ignoring cracks can be a safety hazard because cracks tend to spread quickly, making the glass vulnerable to shattering. So, it’s highly recommended to get your windshield inspected by a professional auto glass service to determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. Here are some common signs that mean your windshield needs to be replaced.

Chipped or Cracked

As mentioned above, the most obvious reason to install a new windshield is damage. The glass could get chipped or cracked due to any reason such as an accident or when road debris like a rock hits the windshield. In some cases, extreme temperatures could also crack the glass. No matter how the windshield gets damaged, chips could turn into a bigger crack and carries a risk of complete glass shatter while you’re on the road. If the chip is not repairable, don’t wait to get the windshield replaced.

Loose or Rattling

The windshield could become loose due to an accident or faulty installation. Driving a car with a loose or rattling windshield is risky because it can undermine your safety on the roads. When the seal that holds your windshield in place gets loose or damaged, it becomes unavoidable to fix the seal. This process involves removing the glass to fix the seal. Most drivers prefer to get a fresh glass to complete the repair process because the old glass could have become weak due to age. Another sign of a problem is water leakage, excessive dew formation, add sound while driving, or light distortion that occurs due to faulty windshield installation.

Poor Visibility

The windshield not only guards against outside elements but also provides a clear view of the surroundings. Clear visibility is crucial to prevent accidents. When glass gets damaged or old, it could become chipped, fuzzy, or pitted. These faults impact the driver’s visibility. Cracks could obstruct vision while fuzzy glass makes driving difficult in low light or bad weather conditions. So, if the windshield fails to give a clear view of the outside, make sure to replace it.

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