Do you use a gas station squeegee on your windshield? Here is what you need to know

Male worker in uniform cleaning windshield of car at gas station

Modern gas stations are more than just a place to fill your tank today. You can shop at the station`s minimarket, check and refill the pressure in your tires and, of course, clean the windshield using the gas station squeegee.

Many people consider it a nice touch to the gas station services and often wipe their windshields while pumping the fuel. Because we all know how important it is to clean your auto glass regularly.

But is it really safe to use those gas station squeegees on your windshield? And if not, why are they still there?

In this article, we shall explain why gas station squeegees appeared back in the day, why they still exist, and how this service actually works so you could make an informed decision about using one of them the next time you need to fill up your tank.

The history of gas station squeegees.

Those squeegees exist as long as the concept of gas stations itself. Back in the day, in the 1920s drivers were not allowed to fuel their cars themselves. It was considered a procedure that requires a certain level of training and skill in order to be performed safely. By the way, in several American states, it is still technically illegal to pump the gas yourself, mainly due to fire safety reasons, sometimes for the sake of job creation.

Anyway, when a driver came to a gas station, a special person took care of the fueling. In addition, they also offered to check the oil, fill the tires and wipe the windshield. Except for a way to earn tips, the gas station windshield cleaning service had practical use. Back in the day cars were not equipped with washer fluid dispensers and the roads were much more dusty than today.

And although today you can fuel your own car in most of the world, the gas station squeegees remained in their places as a part of the traditional service and reminder of the good old times.

However, if you use them today, you have a right at least to know how this service works at modern gas stations.

Are gas station squeegees safe for your windshield?

Every auto glass shop will emphasize how important it is to clean your windshield regularly. Therefore, those gas station squeegees seem like a good idea, right?

However, there are some things that you may want to know about and consider before using one of those squeegees on your auto glass ever again.

The solution that the squeegee is dipped into is probably diluted with water, which definitely affects its efficiency but saves a lot of money for the gas company. However, except for the excess water, this reservoir contains all the dust, dirt, bugs, and other contaminants that people who used the squeegee before you wiped off their windshields.

When the product runs out, gas station workers rarely drain the remaining dirty liquid and wash the reservoir before refilling it. In most cases (if not always), they just add more diluted cleanser which instantly mixes with all the dirt that was in the container before.

Hardly such a solution can be healthy for your auto glass. In addition, The squeegee itself is often worn-out and rarely cleaned or replaced. It carries the history of contamination from each and every windshield that it has touched before.

It means that you will wipe your windshield will dirt, dust, insect parts, and lots of other small abrasives, which can damage your windshield. In case you use this service regularly, the damage may become worse, leading to scratches and cracks that will eventually make you seek auto glass repair or even replacement services.

At the end of the day, it is up to you whether to use gas station squeegees or not. For the lack of a better comparison, it is like using a gas station toilet – not fatal if you absolutely have to and there is no better perspective, but you will always prefer an alternative. Just like that it is better to have your own product and a squeegee that you will clean and replace regularly.


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