A fogged windshield is not only annoying but can also be extremely dangerous. Good visibility is a crucial safety factor, no matter how experienced you are and what kind of vehicle you are driving.

If your windshield keeps fogging us during the ride, it can lead to all sorts of risks from distracted driving as you will be too busy trying to figure out what causes the water condensation and how to get rid of it to an accident as you may not notice a pedestrian, an animal crossing the street or another car’s stop lights on time.

In this article, we shall discuss why and when your windshield is most likely to get fogged and what you can do to prevent it and make your driving safe and more comfortable from now on.

Why does a windshield keep fogging up?

Before exploring various solutions for any issue, it is essential to understand why it occurs in the first place.

In fact, there are several reasons why your windshield can be fogging up. Some are environmental; others may occur due to malfunction or windshield maintenance issues.

Let’s go over the most common ones.

Your windshield may simply be dirty!

How often do you clean your windshield? Most drivers think that as long as they change and use vipers and wash fluid regularly, it is all the cleaning their windshield may need.

If this is your case, you will be surprised by how dirty the interior side of your windshield can be. Invisible smoke and chemical residue, dust, and fingerprints may be hidden from the naked eye, but they create perfect conditions and surface for the moisture condensation on your windshield.

A bottle of regular glass cleaner and a roll of paper towels may dramatically reduce the fogging up problem.

It is cold outside (or inside).

Another common reason for your windshield to start fogging up is the dramatic difference between the temperature outside and inside of the vehicle, when the glass itself becomes colder than the “dew point” – the temperature that makes airborne moisture condense on the surface.

When it is cold outside, you naturally want to warm up the salon, and the moisture from your breath, perspiration or wet clothes will condense on the interior side of the windshield. In the summer, when it is hot and humid and your AC works on the maximum, your windshield will fog up on the outside.

One of the best ways to avoid this issue is not to go crazy on the heating/cooling of your car’s interior. In fact, climate control set about 3 degrees higher or lower than the outside temperature will create a perfectly comfortable atmosphere inside the vehicle and minimize the risk of fogging up.

It is time to change the cabin filters.

If your vehicle was manufactured after 2000, it is probably equipped with cabin filters – devices that prevent dust, pollen, and other contaminants from entering the salon while driving with the AC or heater on.

Like any other filters, they tend to get clogged and must be replaced regularly to remain effective. The air quality does not improve worldwide, especially in urban areas. The sticky plaque you may notice on the interior, dashboard, and steering wheel may also cover your windshield, creating the perfect environment for fogging up.

It is generally recommended to replace cabin filters every couple of years. However, check your driver’s manual and consult your mechanic, as you may need to do it sooner, depending on the type of your vehicle, the area you drive, and other factors.

The rule of thumb is if you notice a “funky” moldy odor in your car and see that the windshield gets fogged up more often, it is probably time to go to the car service.

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Here you will find a team of professionals ready to answer all your questions and offer all kinds of qualified services to ensure that your windshield remains clear and perfectly maintained, making your driving experience safe and comfortable.

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