When You Need To Replace Your Car’s Windshield

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As a responsible car owner, you should keep an eye on vital parts of your vehicle. Periodic car maintenance is crucial to keep your ride safe and attractive. A common mistake that many drivers make is ignoring the condition of the windshield. As one of the most important safety features, a car’s windshield not only provides you with a clear view of the outside. It also protects you from exterior elements like dust, rain, wind, stones, and bugs. The windshield is designed using high-quality tempered glass that can withstand some level of pressure. However, rock or debris could forcefully fit the glass while you’re on the road and crack the windshield. Your car’s windshield could also get broken in a road accident. Moreover, wear and tear over time is also responsible for damaging the glass.

Besides accidental damage, other factors like glass quality, cleaning, maintenance routine, and installation process also determine the lifespan of the windshield. Incorrect installation or failure to remove debris off the wipers before cleaning can also create problems. No matter how your car’s windshield has got damaged, replacing it becomes imperative. As an important feature of your vehicle, the windshield should be kept in good condition at all times. To ensure your safety on the roads, keep an eye on the following warning signs that tell you it’s time to replace your windshield.

  1. Compromised Vision

A crack or chips on the glass is a clear indication to install a new windshield. Crack and chips not only compromise the view of the outside but also creates the unsafe driving condition. A small crack can quickly spread and bumps on the road or a sudden jerk can shatter the windshield. Chips also compromise the driver’s vision because they can reflect light leading to a serious crash. Continuing to drive with a damaged windshield means the glass is more likely to break in the case of a collision. This can cause injuries and even eject the driver out of the seat.

  1. White Haze

The windshield glass is designed with a special plastic coating known as polyvinyl butyral (PVB). This PVB layer prevents the glass from shattering into pieces after an impact. This plastic layer provides safety but it might start peeling off with age or wear and tear. And when that happens, you could notice a white haze around the edge of your windshield. This white haze around the edges of your windshield may look harmless but it means the plastic is leaving the glass, creating a risk for the driver and passengers. So, don’t wait for an accident to happen, replace the windshield right away.

  1. Pitting or Missing Parts

Those who frequently drive on the highway may notice pitting on their windshield. Pitting is the result of gravel and small rocks striking windshields and leaving small pits. You can notice pitting in daylight when the sun shines directly on the windshield. Pitting is a serious problem because it scatters reflected light and obstructs your view or focus. Besides pitting, if parts of your windshield are missing, using tapes or quick fixes can be risky.

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