Reasons Why Your Windshield May Needs To Be Replaced

Glazier using tools repairing to fix crack broken windshield on the front window glass of the machine car accident.

Most car owners never pay attention to their vehicle’s windshield unless something goes wrong. Even when buying a used car, many people ignore checking the condition of the windshield. However, checking the windshield is as important as any other component. It is a fundamental safety unit of your car that provides structural strength to the car’s roof. Windshield not only keeps water, debris, and bugs out of your vehicle but also keeps you safe on the road. The windshield helps airbags function properly and provides you with a clear view of the road. It is more than just a glass that acts as a barrier between passengers and the road.

As the name suggests, the purpose of a windshield is to shield you from the wind, rain, outside elements, and flying roadway debris. It typically consists of two sheets of curved safety glass with a laminate covering. It means that if during an accident the windshield breaks, the plastic coating will prevent the sharp fragments from causing injuries. The windshield, sometimes also known as the car’s front glass or windscreen, is an important element that serves multiple functions- clear vision, protective shield, and roof support.

Why Replace Windshield?

It’s not uncommon for the windshield to get damaged and need replacement. A stone or debris could hit the glass, leaving a chip or crack on the windshield. When a car gets involved in an accident, the windshield is often one of the first things to get damaged. This happens because glass is comparatively more fragile than other metal components. No matter how your car’s windshield has got damaged, it’s important to either repair or replaces it. A minor chip on the windshield can be easily repaired but if cracks are large, replacement becomes unavoidable. A damaged windshield is risky because it restricts clear view and could also impede proper airbag activation. To know more about the importance of a functional windshield, let’s take a look at some reasons why you need to repair or replace a cracked or chipped windshield immediately.

Chipped or Cracked Windshield

As discussed above, a chipped or cracked windshield is risky because the glass could shatter causing injuries. A road accident or rock hitting the glass could crack or chip the windshield.  Your car’s windshield could also get cracked due to extreme temperatures like using hot water to clear ice on the glass. No matter how your windshield gets cracked, repair or replacement is necessary. Small chips could turn into a bigger crack and the entire windshield could shatter with a jerk on the road. Besides the risk of windshield collapse and injuries, cracks also impact visibility and obstruct your vision on the road. Cracks could reflect bright light into the driver’s eyes creating a risk of an accident. So, to avoid these dangerous situations, it’s best to replace or repair the windshield.

Loose or Rattling

If your car was hit in an accident and there isn’t any crack or chip, possibly the windshield may have gotten loose or started rattling. Sometimes, due to pressure or poor seal, the windshield becomes loose which can undermine your safety on the roads. An accident may damage the seal that holds your windshield in place. No matter how the seal gets damaged, it can’t be repaired. You need to take off the glass and apply the seal to fix the problem. In this process when you take off the glass, it’s best to get fresh glass to complete the repair. This is because while removing it, you might scratch the glass, or possibly the old glass has become thin and weak due to age. The windshield also needs replacement if it’s poorly installed. Some common signs of incorrect installation include odd sounds while driving, light distortion, excessive dew, water seeping through the front glass, waviness, or excessive dew formation indicates incorrect windshield installation.

Poor Visibility

Your safety on the road largely depends on the clear view of the road. A crisp-clean and crack-free glass provides a clear view of the surroundings. But if the windshield has got cracked or got too old to impact visibility or may even obstruct vision, it’s time for a replacement. Unclear glass makes driving difficult in low light or bad weather conditions. So, make sure to replace a fuzzy or pitted windshield.

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