Does the “Potato Trick” work to prevent your windshield from freezing?

Scraping ice off your frozen windshield in the morning, you definitely wondered if there is any better solution or some way to prevent the auto glass from freezing when you cannot park it in a garage.

And apparently, there is at least one – the viral “potato trick” that implies that rubbing a piece of potato against your windshield will somehow magically prevent it from freezing in cold temperatures.

Sounds a little bit too easy and good to be true, does not it? That is why in this article we decided to take a closer look at the viral potato trick and explain once and for all whether it works and why.

Here is how to do the potato trick on your windshield.

To prevent your windshield from freezing next time, take a large potato, slice it into two pieces, and rub the slice against your windshield thoroughly. You can use the potato on all your auto glass and release yourself from scrubbing ice off it the next morning.

Moreover, they say that the trick is supposed to work even to prevent the windows from fogging inside the car. And millions of reviews claim that it works perfectly.

And in fact, there is science behind the potato trick that explains why it actually works. The potato juice contains sugar. It creates a protective film that covers the surface and prevents water from condensing on your auto glass and forming fog or ice on it.

Some say onion works the same and even better, but hardly anyone is prepared for their car smelling like onion even if it guarantees to liberate them from the hassle of scraping ice and wiping off their auto glass forever.

Why do some people say that the potato trick does not work?

However, some people complain that the potato trick is just another viral prank that does not really work and only makes your auto glass look dirty. Practice shows that those people either did not read the instructions thoroughly or simply misunderstood the whole idea of this life hack.

First of all, you need to understand that this trick is not meant to de-ice your windshield. It is used to prevent ice and fog from forming on the glass surface. Therefore, there is no point in rubbing a potato against the frozen glass. You need to make sure that the windshield, mirrors, and other glass are clear and free from the ice before using the potato next time.

Another thing you should be prepared for is that potatoes will leave a residue on your windshield. This residue is precisely the juice that prevents ice from forming. To have a perfectly clear windshield the next morning makes sure to wipe the window with a cleanser or washer fluid before you hit the road.

There are many tricks and lifehacks that are meant to make drivers` lives easier and prevent them from wasting too much time, money, and effort on car maintenance. And although some of them are actually efficient and safe like the viral potato trick, there are pretty questionable suggestions that can be dangerous for the auto glass and lead to damage and costly repairs.

It is always best to consult a professional whether you see maintenance advice, needs to access the damage or repair your windshield. Here at Auto Glass Depot, we value our customers` time and money. That is why we offer OEM parts and certified repair and replacement services and provide a 24/7 mobile service available across the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area. Contact us today and visit our shop to make sure that you are driving a car with clear perfectly safe windows and mirrors.

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